Research group TAISIG

The world around us is changing rapidly. As a society, we are increasingly intertwined with the use of data and the deployment of Artificial Intelligence (AI). This brings many opportunities and developments. For example, we can use AI and data to optimize processes in healthcare, improve our security, reduce crime and support the logistics chain. And that is just the tip of the iceberg. There is still so much more to research and discover in the field of AI. This is exactly what the Tilburg University Artificial Intelligence Special Interest Group (TAISIG) is doing. This collaboration between Tilburg University and MindLabs tries to give direction to AI research to prevent an information overload.

The research group TAISIG is divided into three themes: AI algorithms and methods, AI concepts and applications and ELSA (Ethical, Legal and Societal Aspects of AI). With this subdivision, the entire AI chain is covered: from development and application, to examining conditions regarding ethics and legislation. The goal is to bundle, coordinate and strengthen the AI activities in Tilburg and to be recognized as a major player in the AI field. In addition, the aim is to facilitate and speed up the development of new research proposals and grant applications. The results and findings of the research group are regularly presented during TAISIG Talks and TAISIG Events.


TAISIG Talks take place on the third Thursday of every month. For anyone who is interested in AI and wants to stay up to date with all the findings of the TAISIG research group. During these online meetings, various speakers will update you on all recent developments in AI in one hour. Want to know more? You can read all about it here.


Twice a year, a TAISIG Event takes place. During this two-hour hybrid event, researchers from Tilburg University, and online and physical visitors come together. During their presentations, the keynote speakers talk about their research results and visions on AI. Would you like to learn more about TAISIG Events? Read all about it here.