Our ecosystem is extensive and growing by the day, with more and more organisations finding their way to us, from healthcare institutions to technology companies, from start-ups to large corporations. Does your organisation also want to find solutions to social challenges in cooperation with others? Do you see opportunities in the field of Artificial Intelligence and interactive technologies? And do you want to actively invest in the new solutions? Please let us know. You are very welcome to join us!

These are our current cooperation partners:

Want to become a (junior) partner?

All companies and organisations that focus on innovative technology can become members of MindLabs. Cooperation and reciprocity are key. There are two types of partnerships.


As a partner, you invest €25,000 a year in the network, facilities and programme run for and by MindLabs partners.

Junior partners

As a junior partner, you gain access to MindLabs' network and programme for €5,000, or you can invest 60 hours in the development of the ecosystem.

You want more information?

Please contact Karin Croes