Mindlabs is continuously working on a range of projects with many different parties, because working together is crucial for us. For this, we can rely on our expert team.

The experts in this team ensure better quality in our projects and better cooperation. They make sure that everyone is aware of each other's new ideas and innovations because the main way you learn is from each other. Our experts have a wide network in the field of AI. This is ideal for start-ups, for example, as it broadens their network. The expert team meets fortnightly under the title 'Meet the Experts'.

Our experts are: Daniëlle Arets (lecturer in Journalism and Innovation - Fontys University), Erdinç Saçan (lecturer in ICT / Proctor at Fontys University and ROC Tilburg), Max Louwerse (professor of cognitive psychology and artificial intelligence at Tilburg University), Igor Mayer (lecturer - Breda University of Applied Sciences (BUas) and Mark de Graaf (lecturer in ICT - Fontys University).