Mijzo was created on 1 January 2021 by the merger of De Riethorst Stromenland, Volckaert and Schakelring. The working area lies between the four major cities of Tilburg, Breda, Gorinchem and Den Bosch. Mijzo supports elderly people, recovering patients and people with chronic diseases who want to shape their lives in their own way.

The challenges in elderly care are increasing. The number of elderly people is growing, care is becoming more complex and there are not enough employees to continue providing this care. To keep healthcare available for future generations, it has to change dramatically.

Looking for solutions to the social barriers in healthcare is at the core of the cooperation with MindLabs, by making use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and new technologies, for example. With the expertise they bring, the different parties within Mindlabs reinforce each other, allowing changes to be set in motion more quickly.

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