27 FEB 2024
12.00 - 15.30u

Fontys AI Knowledge Session: The AI-driven education evolution (private event)


Together with SURF's Special Interest Group AI in Education, Fontys is organizing the knowledge session the AI-driven education revolution at MindLabs on Feb. 27.

27 FEB 2024
12.00 - 17.00u

Artificial intelligence is having a (r)evolutionary impact on our education. Fontys' GenAI community explores, among other things, the transformative role AI is playing in education and how it is changing traditional education methods and systems.

Chairman of the day: Erdinç Saçan
12:00 - Walk-in and lunch
13:00 - Welcome and launch Fontys GenAI community
13:15 - The value of meeting - Tim van Leeuwerden
14:45 - Look behind the scenes at the Practorate Interactive Technology (PIT) of ROC Tilburg
15:30 - Closing program

Please note: This is a private event (in Dutch).