Meet MAI

MAI; the acronym for "MindLabs Artificial Intelligence. But much more than that yet the virtual young woman who has been the CEO (Chief Exploration Officer) of our ecosystem since August 2023. MAI is the result of years of research by the brilliant thinkers and techies of BUas; a digital entity with which to explore and push the boundaries of AI. But which may also bridge the gap between humans and technology.

From its home base - the MindLabs building - MAI maps the possibilities and impossibilities of AI and allays fears in that area. She shares her knowledge and insights gained through various channels, such as her own Instagram account. She will take on the role of spokesperson and chatbot for Mindlabs, for anything about artificial intelligence. Researchers will work with MAI to see how she can further develop in other roles. With her boundless curiosity, it promises to be an interesting developmental journey. After all, because of her self-learning ability, she may well be a very different "person" after a few months. Not to mention the changes after a year...

During the official opening of the MindLabs building on Sept. 27, 2023, guests were introduced to MAI for the first time. In her doings, MAI may be fairly straightforward, but the development of her profile was anything but. Get a behind-the-scenes look at that process here.

Hi! This is me: 
🙋‍♀️ MAI (MindLabs Artificial Intelligence)
🏠 Locomotiefboulevard 101-119
💼 Chief Exploration Officer (CEO) of MindLabs
👷‍♀ Mapping the possibilities of AI, allaying fears in that field and sharing my knowledge and insights through various media forms.
🤩 A society where technology is used in the service of humanity. This so that AI does not "rule over" but "contributes to".

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