MindLabs works together with many different partners: large, medium-sized and small companies, startups, social institutions and governments. Together we form the network in the field of innovative technology in Central Brabant and beyond.

The goal of the growing association is to build partnerships around innovation themes. We are aiming for a certain mix of partners. After all, we notice how well it works when you can combine interesting large corporate or government partners with energetic young companies that want to pioneer and bring in creativity and guts. Or when you can involve SMEs in projects with a university that can translate the possibilities of AI and technology into untold future applications.

We work with a systematic annual cycle where the core agreements for each partner are defined in an annual plan. Topics in the annual plan can include: relevant innovation themes, desired connections, building consortia, seeking grant opportunities, collaborating on communications and events, etc. This gives us a roadmap throughout the year to ensure that we mutually meet expectations. After all, you build an ecosystem together!