Meet the family: 1 minute with... Vincent van Scrumble

03 March 2022

MindLabs is not only an association with dreams and ambitions, we are also a partnership of many different parties. One big family, with members and partners we are proud of. In the section 'Meet the family; 1 minute with...' all partners take turns to introduce themselves. Very briefly, because the family is big. What do they do with their organization and why? You can read it here. In this edition: Vincent van Laarhoven, director at Scrumble.

Vincent, to get straight to the point: what is Scrumble's core business?
Very simply put: we make software. We help entrepreneurs and organizations solve their digital issues in order to become more efficient and gain more insight and control. We do this by means of customization. Very concrete? Take a logistics company with a large warehouse. The use of a warehouse management system with all standard processes is the norm there. But it is then usually only looked at up to the front door of a warehouse. Problems such as drivers fighting over who can load or unload first just continue to exist. We will try to answer the question: what can we do about this? What tools can we develop for this? And in doing so, we are expanding the existing system.

What is your dot on the horizon?
We are most interested in helping fast-growing organizations that want to take serious steps towards the future. I am not just talking about improving the existing processes, because we look beyond what is already there. In this way we do not only have the 'supplier' position, but we also become the true partner of our customers. And we contribute to future-proof business models.

Out of ambition? Idealism? Or passion?
If you ask me, the beauty of working in IT is that there is not yet a solution for everything. All 10 of us have a passion for creating, inventing new things and tackling complex problems. We used to be real computer nerds. Back then we not only played games, we also built the software to play the game for us. We found that challenging. You can still see that creativity every day.

In what ways are you connected to MindLabs?
We have been associated with the CastLab project for a while to make the manufacturing industry more sustainable. Scrumble is looking in from the IT side. That gives a lot of energy. Because we are not only helping to achieve commercial goals, we are also contributing to a better world. We subsequently came into contact with MindLabs via CastLab. The social aspect in combination with innovation really appealed to us. We have since become a junior partner in the ecosystem.

And how long have you been members of the family?
About 2 months.

In that collaboration, what is the holy grail for you?
The bigger problems or issues become, the more domains within the IT landscape you touch. After all, a solution can cover several sub-areas. Perhaps new innovations like VR, AI or gamification are part of it. That's why MindLabs is so interesting. The ecosystem has a nice network with parties you wouldn't normally get in touch with quickly, but with whom there is a lot of knowledge to share. Mountains can be moved through such collaborations, more than we can do on our own.

And what does it bring you in the meantime?
Getting to know the other partners; getting to know them better and discovering new opportunities. The techniques that these parties work with are often an extension of what we do, so it's very stimulating to see how they use them to prepare the business world for the future.