BlewScreen is a game studio, located in the centre of Benelux. They create games, apps and other applications that involve gaming principles. They do this both to order as well as on their own initiative.

That includes everything that falls between virtual reality serious games and low-threshold gamification. In terms of approach, this involves first getting the content right and then the "gameplay" and the user experience. BlewScreen specialises in conveying information in a playful and engaging manner through low-threshold interactivity.

BlewScreen's work, which is made for a variety of clients, can be found online or offline in museums, fairs, workshops, exhibitions and even in classrooms. In this respect, BlewScreen is versatile within its field. They also keep the focus on what should be the essential effect of a specific project. The effect is achieved through the experience. And the outcome is that the content stays with the user.

Want to know more about BlewScreen? Read the interview with Rohan en Daan here, or check out the website.

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