Innovation starts with coffee

At MindLabs, we believe in the power of collaboration. Joining forces helps us achieve better results. With that in mind, our aim is to bring parties together so that they can strengthen each other. We do this by opening up our network to parties that share the mission of MindLabs.

MindLabs is all about connecting, experimenting, researching and creating. And of course this is not possible without all our associated partners partners associated. Collaborations are therefore at the forefront of our minds.

By connecting forces we achieve more powerful results. Our goal is to bring parties together in an ecosystem of knowledge institutions, governments and companies to arrive at solutions to societal challenges using artificial intelligence and interactive technologies, so that different parties can strengthen each other.

Working together with MindLabs is incredibly rewarding:

  • We offer a programme where cooperation is key. In various phases, we connect knowledge and the application of interactive technology to innovation issues. Our projects speak for themselves.
  • We offer access to a strong network consisting of renowned educational institutions, research bodies and innovative companies with ambitions in the field of innovative technology. In addition, we know how to go about getting subsidies and raising funds. Take a look at our partner webpage.
  • We create opportunities for making connections and gaining knowledge through our network gatherings and knowledge sessions. Please check our agenda for details.



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