1 minute with Ludo Stroobants

21 October 2020 Meet the family

MindLabs is not only an association with dreams and ambitions, we are also a partnership of many different parties.  One big family, with partners we are all proud of. In the section 'Meet the family; 1 minute with...' everyone takes turns to introduce themselves. Very briefly, because the family is big... What do they do with their company and why do they do what they do? You can read that here. In this edition: Ludo Stroopbants of Zwijssen publishers.

To get straight to the point: what is the core business of Zwijsen? 
Zwijsen is the reading and writing specialist in Dutch and Flemish primary education. We have been publishing teaching methods, educational publications and products for the home for almost 175 years.  

What is your dot on the horizon? 
We want to make solid, sparkling and innovative teaching materials that are chosen the most by both primary education and parents. In this way, together, we make it possible for every child to reach their full potential.  

Out of ambition? Idealism? Or passion? 
Out of ambition, idealism and passion. 175 years ago, the Brothers of Tilburg started the development of our teaching materials with this in mind. From their social commitment to offer children every opportunity for the future. And those three motives are still there today. 
In what way are you associated with MindLabs? 
MindLabs deals with the themes of brain, technology and innovation. We, too, do that. Because we believe that technologies such as artificial intelligence and virtual reality can enhance learning. Technology in function of the learning process, where it stimulates, not dominates. In this way, it can do a lot for education. That's why we became a partner of MindLabs, and also want to work with the other parties within MindLabs. 

And how long have you been in the family now? 
Since November 2019. So we've been pulling together for a while now.  

In that collaboration, what is the holy grail? 
In the future, we want to be able to offer learning tools that are supported by new technologies. Voice recognition, avatars, you name it. That's why this collaboration is so interesting. And by moving to the new MindLabs building, we hope that the staff of the various partners will come up with new plans. After all, the best ideas often emerge over the coffee machine. 

And what will it bring you in the meantime? 
Above all, it will bring us many wonderful encounters. And prior to the physical relocation, also a mental relocation. Because working with partners helps you look at and approach issues in a different way.