1 minute with PIEQ Impact

05 August 2022 Meet the family

MindLabs is not only an association with dreams and ambitions, we are also a partnership of many different parties. One big family, with members and partners we are all proud of. In the section 'Meet the family; 1 minute with...' everyone takes turns to introduce themselves. Very briefly, because the family is big. What are they doing with their company and why do they do what they do? You can read that here. In this edition: Jochem Hilberink and Suzan Schouten of PIEQ Impact.

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Jochem and Suzan, to get straight to the point: what is the core business of PIEQ Impact?
Jochem: "We are a consultancy partner for every data issue. Our clients need help with processing their data and converting it into information. But often do not have the (technical) expertise to come to a potential solution. The issues we take up are diverse. Sometimes the client wants insight into his figures. Then we make a dashboard for that. But you can also think of automating data that is extracted from the customer's website.
Organizations that try to solve data problems themselves often opt for the 'most exclusive' variant. Because it is the most eye-catching. Yet it need not always be the best option; a solution must fit the organization. After all, when you have just gotten your driver's license, you don't immediately get into a Formula 1 car. By looking at data issues in that specific way - what exactly is needed and where is the need? - more is often possible than if you look at it from a solution perspective."

Suzan: "We can be deployed for IT to management issues. Whether it's about getting the data processing in order or taking further steps in terms of data-driven work. We do not do this for, but together with the customer. And that is our added value. Because by doing it together, we immediately teach the customer how to deal with data in the future. So we transfer our knowledge.

What is your dot on the horizon?
Jochem: "We have big plans for the future; one day we hope to manage a team of specialists. But we will let that transition happen organically. After all, we only took the plunge into the deep end that is this joint venture last year."
Suzan: "Ultimately we want to have all the data expertise/consultants in house in order to unburden our customers with a total solution, if desired. By implementing our solutions in the work processes, they will eventually be able to work with them independently."

Out of ambition? Idealism? Or passion?
Suzan: "From the ambition to help our customers continue and grow, and to develop ourselves. And from the passion for data that came from our mathematical background."

In what way are you connected to MindLabs?
Jochem: "We are start-up partners of MindLabs. We believe that you go faster alone, but that you get further together. The synergy and inspiration we already feel within the ecosystem fits our drive very well."

And how long have you been in the family?
Suzan: "We signed during the MindLabs Annual Event in May 2022. So since that moment we have been partners. And as of October 2022, we will become neighbors in addition to family members. We will then move to Building 90, next to the new MindLabs building."

What is the holy grail in this collaboration as far as you are concerned?
Jochem: "By joining MindLabs, we ensure a stronger connection with the companies and educational institutions in the region."
Suzan: "And in doing so, we want to introduce young professionals to us through the ecosystem. We can teach them innovative concepts such as 'process mining'; a technique for analyzing business processes. By binding young talent to us at an early stage, we keep them within the region."

And what does it bring you in the meantime?
Suzan: "A lot of connections. In the meantime, we have even been able to meet a potential client through the joint network with MindLabs. And that in such a short period of time!"