Meet the family; 1 minute with... Steven of InnoVactions

23 June 2022

MindLabs is not only an association with dreams and ambitions, we are also a cooperation of many different parties.  One big family, with members and partners we are all very proud of. In the section 'Meet the family; 1 minute with...' everybody takes turns to introduce themselves. Very briefly, because the family is big. What are they doing with their company and why do they do what they do? You can read all about it here. In this edition: Steven van 't Klooster, co-owner of InnoVactions.

Steven, to get right to the point: what is the core business of InnoVactions? 
The short version of the answer: software development. But to be honest, we see application development only as a means to an end. That goal is to create human-centric IT. We build mobile apps and web applications focused on the user. The most important thing is that they use our applications with a big smile.

What is your dot on the horizon? 
Our horizon has several dots. Our mission is to be meaningful; we want to add something to the world. You can see this especially in the assignments we take on. Because we work exclusively for healthcare institutions and other socially involved companies. In addition, we also have an 'ambition tip'. In five years' time, we want to have about 25 people running around the office. 

Out of ambition? Idealism? Or passion? 
Actually a combination of the 3, but if I have to choose: passion. Because what we do, we find the most fun there is. You can literally wake us up in the middle of the night for it.

In what way are you connected to MindLabs? 
We like to work with parties we trust. Who have the same standards and values as we do. MindLabs is one such party. Reason enough for us to join forces and thus make (even) more impact. And so we are a start-up partner of the ecosystem. It is also a way for us to further expand our network with the right partners and connections. 

And how long have you been in the family? 
We got to sign during the MindLabs Annual Event in May 2022. We had been talking to each other for a while to see if and how we could strengthen each other. But that opportunity in May was the right moment to actually join the family.

What is the holy grail in this collaboration as far as you are concerned? 
InnoVactions stands for building, innovating and experimenting. That matches up well with the vision of MindLabs. Moreover, just like MindLabs, we like to work on the world of tomorrow. That requires cooperation and expertise. 

What does it currently bring you? 
There are still a number of great projects for human-centered IT on the shelf. Human-centered IT may sound a bit abstract. But one of our first assignments - the Dementia Puzzle - is a good example. We developed an app for the Vitalis care organization in Eindhoven that allows elderly people with early onset dementia to engage in a conversation with family members and other contacts while solving the puzzle. IT combined with a warm heart, you might say. We hope that our collaboration with MindLabs will result in even more projects of this kind. It's a great prospect and one we're really looking forward to.