AnyWare is a tech company that emerged from Dual Inventive in Oisterwijk. For more than 10 years, Dual Inventive has been focusing on technical innovations to make railways more efficient and safer. The problem there is the ever-increasing exodus of people and knowledge, while more and more complex technical tasks have to be performed.

With an asset management ecosystem, Dual Inventive enables the digitisation of the simplest track inspection tasks. As an example, think of a door or a gate that has been open too long or the voltage that drops in a relay housing. Dual Inventive started AnyWare in order to offer its proven technology to other sectors, including the healthcare sector.

AnyWare delivers an end-to-end Internet of Things service with devices, connectivity, a platform and applications. Utilising these technical 'building blocks', they are able to directly achieve a variety of use cases. AnyWare therefore seeks to collaborate with partners who can add specific domain knowledge to their technology.

AnyWare sees that, just as in many other sectors, the healthcare sector is facing challenges when it comes to (shortage of) personnel and (sharing of) knowledge. Within Mindlabs, AnyWare's focus is on the healthcare sector. The question being asked is: Can AnyWare's technology be used to digitise relatively simple healthcare tasks so that staff can be deployed more effectively and efficiently?


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