Curio (formerly ROC West-Brabant) is a regional training center and provider of intermediate vocational education and AOC courses (mbo in the green sector). The organization consists of units providing vmbo, mbo and vo education at 55 different locations in West Brabant.

The vmbo schools can be found from Andel to Halsteren. The mbo schools are located in Breda, Roosendaal and Bergen op Zoom. In Breda and Bergen op Zoom you will also find mbo broad, where students receive extra care and more flexibility. The vavo offers adult education and, for example, helps students who have failed to get a diploma. The vavo locations are in Breda and Roosendaal.

Curio offers education in which pupils, students are central. They encourage everyone between the ages of 12 and 67 to explore, stimulate their curiosity and train them to become confident experts in their field. Curio's ambition? To ensure that pupils and students are empowered and agile by the time they finish their education. So that they are well prepared for the job market of the future.