25 SEP 2023

Getting wiser with AI: What can knowledge institutions do for healthcare organisations in terms of AI?


AI is a fast-growing technology that is having an increasing impact on healthcare. It can help improve the quality of care while increasing efficiency. What can knowledge institutions do for healthcare organisations when it comes to AI? And how and where do they find each other?

25 SEP 2023
15.30 - 17.00u

This hybrid event, organised by CIC, Slimmer Leven and MindLabs, can be attended both online and offline. The physical location is the brand new MindLabs building in the Spoorzone in Tilburg. It is one of the events taking place during MindLabs' Opening Week. 

15:00: Reception of guests who are physically present
15:30: Welcome by Mirjam Siesling (chairman of the day)
15:35: Inspiration from speakers from knowledge institutions - Which AI developments are interesting for the healthcare sector?
16:25: Roundtable discussion with speakers and directors of healthcare organisations from Brabant
17:00: Closing of online part

For physical participants
17:05: Guided tour of MindLabs
17:30: Networking drinks 

The webinar is in Dutch.