BrabantKennis broadens the view and holds up a mirror, by exposing hidden trends for everyone who wants to help shape the future of Brabant. 

BrabantKennis connects knowledge with policy and focuses - as a regional platform - on collecting, developing and sharing strategic knowledge of and about the province. They do this in their own way: independent, curious and innovative in form, in order to actively stimulate knowledge development between companies, knowledge institutions, government and citizens.  Their vision is that giving meaning to knowledge is essential for the well-being and future of Brabant.  They stimulate thought and keep Brabant sharp. They do this from a positive attitude but with a contrary view to keep politics, policy and society in Brabant sharp.  The goal of Brabant Knowledge is to inspire provincial leaders in shaping the future. Translate knowledge into policy. Getting relevant themes on the regional political and policy agendas. And let provincial makers look beyond today.  

BrabantKennis identifies and addresses trends from which every provincial maker can benefit. They do so in innovative and creative ways through essays and interviews but also through podcasts, new digital experiences, meetings and tours through Brabant. Not just because it's so much fun - because it is - but because a new way of looking allows you to see more than you normally see and by looking differently you will also do things differently. This is how the future of Brabant can be shaped and nurtured from knowledge and creativity.

For more information, visit (in Dutch), or read the interview here.