Watsnjoe is working together with MindLabs to deploy new technologies in healthcare. The need for Watsnjoe to innovate and reorganise healthcare is high. Over the next 20 years, the demand for healthcare will double but the situation in the healthcare labour market will remain more or less the same. 

Watsnjoe - an initiative of Thebe, De Wever and Mijzo - gives employees a platform for innovation. The initiative is for and by employees and informs them about innovations. Together, the organizations look for innovative solutions to problems and challenges in healthcare. Webinars, tastings and work sessions are organized to share knowledge and challenge each other. Research into the impact of innovations is also conducted together with education and science.

Watsnjoe is the platform for innovations for healthcare employees in Brabant. From the new, inspiring and vibrant location in the MindLabs building at the Spoorzone in Tilburg, the new health care is worked on daily.