We Care is a project in which Annabel Groenenberg is doing research on hologram-based surgery. Already during her studies in technical medicine, she developed special software to project patient-specific anatomy onto body parts using a HoloLens. But now the PhD candidate wants to know: can it be even more accurate? And to what extent is this form of hologram deployment useful in daily practice?

With We Care, the doctoral student developed a system that allows a medical scan to map a patient's bones and blood vessels. And based on that information, the program assembles a hologram. Previously, similar programs have been developed by several companies. However, those projections do not move with the body part. With Groenenberg's technique, the hologram is attached to the body, instead of a marker such as a QR code. Which ensures a 3D situation in the right place, even after shifting. And enables faster, safer and more efficient operations. 

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