07 MAR 2024
15.45 - 18.00u

Beyond Binary: Diversity & Equality in AI


On March 7, Tilburg University and Enigma (study association of Cognitive Science & Artificial Intelligence), is organizing a debate in view of International Women's Day. The theme will be: AI in relation to issues of inequality and diversity.

07 MAR 2024
15.45 - 17.00u

Artificial Inequality?
As humans, our biases infiltrate everything we create, including Artificial Intelligence. This perpetuates our inequalities, leading to speech and facial recognition software favoring white people due to skewed training data and hiring algorithms preferring male CVs, reflecting the historical bias where men had higher career trajectories. Despite its potential for empowerment (as many can now use AI, such as ChatGPT, to learn and develop), AI tools may worsen inequalities when exclusive paid access is available, creating uneven professional and educational advantages. Without explicit human intervention, breaking this self-reinforcing loop is challenging. How to ensure that the benefits one gains from AI are no longer influenced by one’s gender, race or socio-economic status?

Calling for different perspectives
This debate aims to explore diverse perspectives on questions like the one above. Participants are therefore encouraged to share their views, emphasizing awareness of varied opinions and experiences. The goal is to foster a comprehensive understanding of inequality and diversity in AI, striving for inclusivity in its development and utilization. To ensure everyone’s contribution lasts beyond just this event, Enigma will capture the essence of the discussions in a written record.

Interactive debate
The interactive debate, moderated by Enigma board members, will feature discussions introduced by researchers dr. Marie Postma and dr. Eva Vanmassenhove. Key questions include whether AI should be open-source and whether AI ultimately benefits or harms equality.

The debate will be followed by an informal get together with drinks and a small bite to finish those conversations you didn’t have time for during the event. 

Would you like to register for the event? You can do so here.