27 FEB 2024

Creating with AI: who owns the copyright? (in Dutch)

MindLabs College

On February 27, we will host the first MindLabs College of this year. The theme is "Creating with AI: who owns the copyright?"

27 FEB 2024
16.00 - 17.00u

AI tools; they seem to be popping up like mushrooms. Whether it is writing texts using ChatGPT, creating artwork with Midjourney, or composing music with the use of Amper Music. The possibilities of artificial intelligence are truly endless. 

But who owns this generated content? Is it the creator; the one who writes the "prompts"? Or the enableer; the clever AI-driven software program? And what about the intellectual property that rests on all the content that is collected to provide us with output? These are issues that are causing quite a stir.

Speakers at the event are Tim Deynen, who highlights the limitless possibilities of AI. And Anson van Rooij, who pleasantly talks about protecting your AI creations, as well as protecting them against AI. Also, a professional who uses AI on a daily basis in his work will speak. The program will end with a networking reception.

Note: This is a private event in Dutch.