13 APR 2023

Lieven Scheire on Artificial Intelligentie | Schouwburg Concertzaal Tilburg


Will you ever ask your computer what to wear to a certain occasion? Chances are. Will judges ever take advice from Artificial Intelligence to determine a sentencing decision? Yes, and soon. Will you personally ever be willing to obey an A.I. system? You already do, if you listen to Spotify, follow a Waze route or have the spam filtered out of your e-mails.

13 APR 2023
20.30 - 17.00u

So what is this Artificial Intelligence that is so much talked about? But more importantly, what isn't it? In this show you will be entertainingly introduced to this new superhero of technology. You get a glimpse of how it all works, what it can already do now and what it will be able to do in the future. A first encounter with something that may soon become your new friend, butler, counselor, psychologist, personal trainer or guardian angel: Artificial Intelligence.

Lieven Scheire is a Belgian comedian, physicist and science communicator. On stage and on television. There is no one who can explain Einstein's theory of relativity, quantum mechanics or Drake's formula so bite-sized and with the necessary dose of humor. 

Please note that this show is in Dutch.

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