The MasterMinds ’23 annual partner event

18 December 2023 Event

How can we use a data-driven approach and unsupervised learning to segment customers into groups with similar risk aversion, to help prevent accidents? What is an effective way of using augmented reality and virtual reality training in maintenance tasks? Will the use of a serious game help to better understand the complex decision making process in a port and help face the challenges of the energy transition? These and many more topics were discussed at the MasterMinds annual partner event on Tuesday December 12.

The MasterMinds annual partner event was organized by Tilburg University in the MindLabs building in Tilburg. The objective of this event was to bring together the MasterMinds partners, share insights, reflect on the past project period, look forward to the future period, and interact with each other.

After a welcome by prof. dr. Max Louwerse, principal investigator of the MasterMinds project, both (business) partners as well as scientists from Tilburg University took the floor to share their MasterMinds. After presentations from partners The Port of Rotterdam, Marel, Interpolis, Fontys ICT and different scientists from Tilburg University, it was time for demonstrations in the labs given by the PhD-candidates of the projects. This was followed by catching up, sharing ideas and making new connections, while enjoying drinks and snacks.

The event was a full program with fascinating insights and perfect examples of innovations in AI! For instance, we learned about the ambition of the Port of Rotterdam to create a zero emission port, while facing a lot of challenges to accomplish this. With using a serious game, the Port of Rotterdam wants to create more awareness in their organization and gain more insights into the complex decision making processes in a port. Another example is that of organization Marel, that is always interested in new successful training methods. They are investigating how they can train engineers from all over the world, by using augmented and virtual reality training. Also, Interpolis explained about how they are learning a lot in the MasterMinds project, about using data science and unsupervised learning techniques to investigate how to effectively communicate to their customers. And these are only a few examples of the great work that is being done!

What is clear from the MasterMinds project – and the annual partner event – is that innovation starts with collaborative efforts. Collaborations between knowledge institutions and industry being a great example.

Luckily, we have the pictures to remember this great event by! You can view them here. Would you like to know more about the MasterMinds project? Please visit the MasterMinds website.