Track 3

With their combined knowledge and experience in healthcare and IT, Jeroen Slootmans and Martijn van Wageningen want to contribute with their organization Track 3 to the prevention, cure or treatment of dementia.

Dementia is a popular disease, and the leading cause of death in the Netherlands. One in five Dutch people will be diagnosed with the disease. There are currently about 290,000 people living with the brain disease in our country. And an average of five are added every hour. In addition to health risks for the patient, dementia causes an awful lot of anxiety for loved ones, family and friends. Healthcare costs are also continuing to rise and the workload of healthcare professionals is increasing disproportionately. Despite the severity of these problems, care around patients is fragmented. That's why Track 3 is committed to find a solution.

This solution is twofold:
- The patient wears the Omarmband: a low-energy wearable that collects data about the patient.
- Informal caregivers and healthcare professionals communicate, report and schedule appointments through CLAIRE, a platform that uses artificial intelligence to analyze, process and present all available data from the Omarmband.

The goal is to facilitate patients to participate in society for longer, to live longer at home and to contribute to their well-being and self- and co-sufficiency. And in addition, to reduce the workload of informal caregivers and healthcare professionals, create peace and order and improve communication among themselves.

Track 3 is a connector between technology and care. Looking for solutions within the diagnosed care that not only help patients and their environment, but also to healthcare and scientific institutions with the same goal.