Masterminds - Neurophysiology and VR in Aerospace

Training for effective performance in complex work areas such as aviation and space travel has been a challenge since the early 1900s. Although technological advances such as high-fidelity flight simulators have proven very successful, they are often expensive, require numerous resources to be deployed effectively (e.g. aerospace, personnel) and can be difficult to evaluate in terms of learning and task performance. Training in simulators can offer a solution.


  • Dutch Royal Airfoce
  • MultiSIM

In this project together with the Royal Netherlands Air Force and MultiSIM, we aim to investigate what is needed to make virtual reality training for air force pilots as realistic as possible, thereby making VR training an effective addition to pilot training. It is not just about the visual design of the VR environment and the aircraft models, but also about whether flying really 'feels' like flying. With this in mind, we look at factors such as biofeedback: What needs to be developed so that pilots experience similar physical reactions as in the simulator and in the air? 

This project has been made possible by the Regio Deal Midden- en West-Brabant. For more information, please visit or